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Lintran Verso System - VW Caddy Maxi

When it came to choosing the right cage system for my VW Caddy Maxi I had three main priorities.

  1. Firstly and most importantly was how safe and comfortable they would be for my canine passengers.
  2. Secondly I wanted a system that would be versatile both in terms of the amount of dogs I could transport and also the size of dogs I could transport.
  3. The third reason was value for money.

Why I chose Lintran

  • They use white plastic outers for the boxes that help to keep them up to 20 degrees cooler than other boxes on the market in the summer and also warmer in the winter. They are also lighter than an all-metal box/cage and can be cleaned easily.
  • The boxes are crash tested and come with escape hatches to release the dogs in the event of a rear end collision.
  • They can custom design and install to pretty much any specification you require.

Visiting Lintran

On my first visit to Lintran we discussed what I was looking for and I was shown several options of what would be possible in my van. I wanted to be able transport at least four dogs safely and comfortably. After seeing what was available I opted for a custom made six-cage system that could relatively easily be converted in to either a four-cage system or a three-cage system (see photos further down the page).  I paid a deposit and was informed they should be ready for collection in roughly two weeks.

Features of my cages

The boxes were ready for collection early, so I arranged a convenient time to have them fitted. The fitting itself took about two hours, this included the time to cut the sections out of my bulkhead and install the “windows” and fans.

The photos below show the configuration to the rear of my van. It is what Lintran call their “Verso” system. As you can see it is very versatile:

Lintran Verso System
Lintran Verso System
Lintran Verso System
Lintran Verso System

You can see in the photo below where I have had “windows” cut into the bulkhead. I also chose to purchase two Lintran 12v fans. The fans are very powerful and efficient for the size and help to draw cool air-conditioned air into the rear of the van in the summer and warm air in the winter:

Other options I decided to go for are heavy-duty matting (supposedly making it more chew proof) and to have the cage sections galvanised, as it’s longer lasting and rust resistant.

Lintran 12v fans
Lintran 12v fans

In Conclusion

I am very happy that I decided to go with Lintran. The customer service was excellent and the end product was exactly what I’d been hoping for. I haven’t been using them long enough yet to comment on reliability but they certainly seem well made.

If you have any questions on my cage system or my experiences dealing with Lintran then please feel free to leave a comment below.

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