New Warwickshire Dog Walking Service Coming to Leamington Spa

Warwickshire Dog Walking

There will be a new Warwickshire Dog Walking service starting in January 2019. We are called Premium Pet Care and we are based right in the heart of Warwickshire, in Leamington Spa.

Warwickshire Dog Walking – Who are Premium Pet Care?

My name is Sam Mulkeirins and I’m the owner of Premium Pet Care. I’ve been a resident of Leamington Spa all my life and know the area really well. I’ve always been passionate about animals and had dogs in the family. Whilst I don’t currently have a dog myself, I’m planning to get one soon. The desire to work with animals in some way was one of the main reasons for starting Premium Pet Care.

Before starting the business I looked at pet services both locally and nationally. People care passionately about their pets and as such I feel it’s important that anyone offering pet services should do it as professionally as possible. This means being fully insured to cover all the pet services we offer as well as taking dog first aid training. Naturally we are also DBS security checked so that you have peace of mind when giving us a key to your property. My attention to detail extends to the vehicle I use to transport pets as well as limiting the number of dogs I walk at any one time. It’s important that not only is every pet given the attention it deserves but other dogs and members of the public I meet are assured that I am in control at all times.

Warwickshire Dog Walking – The full Premium Pet Care services

Dog walking is indeed our main and most popular service. We offer both 30 minute and 1 hour dog group dog walks. We try and use walking locations that give dogs plenty of variety and interest. When matching dogs to walk in a group we take into account their activity level and personality. For reactive dogs or dogs who need to be walked alone we do offer solo dog walking but these need to be at agreed times to fit around the popular group walks which take place in the middle of the day.

Besides dog walking we also offer a pet setting service. Again the main durations are 30 minutes and 1 hour but we can discuss specific needs with customers. The pet sitting service could apply to a wide range of pets. For dogs it’s usually puppy visits. There are typically a number of weeks between getting a new puppy and it being able to go outside for walks. During that time if you are working the puppy will need attention during the day. Not only do puppies have small bladders but they often need feeding 3 times a day. A puppy also benefits from lots of socialisation at a young age. Other popular pet sitting requests include visits for cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Cats are usually quite independent but if the owner is on holiday they will still need feeding and the litter tray will need cleaning. Most cats also like interaction with humans. We can also offer pet sitting for more exotic pets, just contact us with your specific needs.

Our other main pet service is our pet taxi service. Our dedicated vehicle and professional cage system makes it an ideal mode of transport for pets for distances short or far. Local pet transport requests tend to be for trips to the vet or groomers. It might be that you don’t own a vehicle yourself or that it’s currently off the road. Our longer distance transport jobs will be for people who are moving house or require someone to collect a pet from a breeder or rehoming shelter.

So if you require a Warwickshire dog walking, pet sitting or pet taxi service we hope you will consider us and we look forward to assisting your pet care needs.

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  1. Good luck with the business Sam! It’s looks like you are doing things in a very professional way. I look forward to seeing your vehicle once you have the cages fitted.


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